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With a seamless integration of local human talent, technology, and media, we are your gateway into Asia.
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Native-writer Translation
Simply upload your documents, select your desired language, and access an expansive network of carefully selected native-writer translators from Asia who understand your target audience. (How does translation work?)
Free Distribution (optional)
At no extra cost, you may request to publish your materials on The Model Majority. Broadcast your message to its growing readership throughout Asia, and take advantage of its tools to gauge reader sentiments. (What is this?)
With competitive rates starting at just 0.04 USD/word from the original document, Wordcorp’s proprietary system instantly deducts repeating segments in large documents (>5000 words) from the price. (How are prices calculated?)
At an average rate of 1500 words a day, each translator is capable of delivering carefully translated documents within mere hours upon starting.
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About Us
Founded in 2010, Wordcorp is an American-operated startup based in Taiwan that is committed to closing the information gap between Asia and the West by integrating native-writer translations with effective tech and media. To achieve our mission, we are regularly developing powerful new tools for language analysis and project management. You may access some in-house tools that we have made accessible to the public for free here.
Taiwan is widely seen as a stepping-stone for startups to start exploring Asia and entering the international market. Seated between America and the rest of Asia, Taiwan serves as both a literal and figurative connection between East and West. Taiwan not only retains many traditional roots, but also embodies a rich colonial history that has prompted its development into an amalgamation of diverse cultures and languages.
A Cross-Lingual Platform for the Free Exchange of Ideas
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